22. Kurumbar
(pronunciation = 'kurumbar')

By Swami Sivananda

Guru is God. The same Lord who is never separate from us, who is our sustainer and support appears to us as the visible form of the Guru. He who adores the Guru with faith and devotion will attain all siddhis (psychic powers) and eternal bliss.

Perumilalai Kurumbar Nayanar excelled in Guru bakthi. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Siva and Siva bhaktas, too. Kurumbar heard of Sundarar-Moorthi Nayanar's greatness and mentally accepted him as his Guru. To him, Sundarar was the sole refuge. He adored the Guru in thought, word and deed. By the Guru's grace, Kurumbar attained all the siddhis. He was immersed in Siva bakthi and Guru bakthi.

In the meantime, Sundarar came to Thiruvanchaikalam from where he was taken to the Lord's Abode. Kurumbar Nayanar, through his yogic powers, came to know that this would happen. Kurumbar did not like to remain in this world after the Guru had left — and, therefore, through the method of Siva yoga, Kurumbar Nayanar cast off his mortal coil and reached the abode of Siva, a day before Sundarar's departure.



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