33. Sakkiyar
(pronunciation = 'saak-kiyar')

By Swami Sivananda

Sakkiyar Nayanar was a Vellala born in Thirucchangamangai. He was totally disgusted with worldly life and wanted to attain liberation. He sought the best way to get this. Due to false propaganda, he fell a victim to Buddhistic influence. He became a Buddhist, but it did not satisfy him for long. Sakkiyar Nayanar was immediately attracted to Saivism and was convinced that, whatever be the external appearance or conduct of one, if he had intense devotion to the Lord, he would attain liberation. Though he did not give up his external appearance of a Buddhist, he adored Lord Siva.

One day, as Sakkiyar was sitting in an open Siva temple and meditating on the Lingam (completely absorbed in divine bliss), he self-forgetfully threw a stone at the Lingam. On the next day, he went to the temple again and recollected the previous day's action. He felt that it was the Lord s Will, to reveal the profound truth that He would accept anything offered by a bhakta with devotion. So, Sakkiyar threw a stone that day too. That was his daily worship, without which he would not take his food!

One day, when Sakkiyar was about to take his meal, he remembered that he had not done his usual Puja. Unmindful of his hunger, Sakkiyar went to the temple and threw a stone with great devotion. The Lord appeared before Sakkiyar, blessed him and took him to Kailasa.



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