38. Kutruvar
(pronunciation = 'kootruvar')

By Swami Sivananda

Kutruvar Nayanar was a chieftain of Kalandai. He was extremely devoted to Lord Siva. Daily, Kutruvar would repeat the Panchakshara Mantra and serve Siva bhaktas. The Lord made Kutruvar more powerful, and bestowed on him all wealth and strength.

As a chieftain, Kutruvar Nayanar captured many places in the Chola and Pandyan kingdoms. He wanted that the three-thousand Brahmins of Thillai should crown him king — they refused, because they owed allegiance to the Chola king. So, fearing Kutruvar's wrath, all the Brahmins left Thillai — only one remained behind to do puja. And even he refused to accede to Kutruvar Nayanar's request.

One day, Kutruvar Nayanar prayed to Lord Siva and, in answer, the Lord Himself appeared before Kutruvar and crowned him by placing His lotus feet on Kutruvar's head.

Kutruvar continued to worship the Lord and finally attained Him.

Lord Siva, who is the indweller of our hearts, knew that when Kutruvar Nayanar asked the three-thousand Brahmins to crown him, it was only to spiritualise the coronation and to enable him to feel that the crown was but a symbol of the feet of the Lord. When the Brahmins feared political repercussions, the Lord Himself fulfilled the devotee's wish.



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