53. Seruthunaiyar
(pronunciation = 'seruth-thunai-yar')

By Swami Sivananda

Kalar-singar Nayanar was an ardent devotee of the Lord. He was a Pallava monarch, belonging to the family of Kadavar. Due to God's grace, Kalar-singar defeated the kings of the northern country and established Saivism there. He went on many pilgrimages.

Once he came to Thiruvaaroor with his queen and visited the temple. The queen, coming round the temple, came to the place where flowers had been kept for Siva's worship, and she smelt a flower which had accidentally fallen on the floor.

Seruthunaiyar Nayanar, a pious Vellala of Tanjore, who was doing the service in the temple, was annoyed by the queen's action. He at once cut off the nose of the queen that smelt the flower.

The king (Kalar-singar) hearing the pitiable cry of the queen, rushed to the spot. He was terribly angry with the man who was responsible for the brutal act.

Seruthunaiyar Nayanar explained to Kalar-singar that the queen's action was an insult to Lord Siva (Siva Aparadham).

The king at once gave an additional punishment to her, by cutting off her hand which picked up the flower!

Both Kalar-singar Nayanar and Seruthunaiyar Nayanar were glorified by the people and the celestials rained flowers on them. Both of them attained the grace of Lord Siva.



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