By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

Aum Nama Sivaaya

Dearest Devotees:

Vanakkam (Namaskaaram)!

The following publication is presented for all to learn about, enjoy, and experience the wonder, beauty, and sacredness of the Tamil culture and Saivite faith. Swami Sivananda wonderfully describes the splendid lives of the sixty-three nayanars (sacred slaves of God Siva) who resided in Tamil Nadu, India.

When reading about the Nayanars' lives, the reader will at once notice the incredible and unquantifiable amounts of anbu (love) these saints had towards God. It was this bakthi (devotion) that led them directly from this earth plane to Siva-loka (Siva's abode).

Also discernable from the lives of the nayanars is God's inability to resist love and to separate Himself from us.

Lastly, the reader will realize how these nayanars give a true and unquestionable definition to the word, "Devotee."

By so doing, the sixty-three nayanars are able to inspire within us the possibility that God's grace is attainable even by us, if we also have unwavering love and faith to our benevolent and ever-loving God Siva.

It is my sincerest wish that the dissemination of faith, love, and knowledge through this publication will allow seekers of truth to overcome all their obstacles and fulfill their innermost dreams and aspirations to attain the lotus feet of Siva.

In God Siva's Divine Service,
Oru-Siva Anbar ("One who loves Siva")